Estate Planning

Estate PlanningEstate planning poses a seemingly endless stream of legal challenges that the average person finds difficult to overcome in a seamless manner. From wills to trusts, advance directives, the designation of a pre-need guardian and beyond, The Law Office of Gina R. Chevallier can help you properly orchestrate your legal and financial affairs or those of a loved one. If you live in Miami-Dade County, contact us for a free consultation and you will have peace of mind regarding what happens to your hard-earned assets. Our firm’s approach to estate planning is completely client-centered. We provide principled estate planning that encompasses life planning as well as so-called death planning.

Estate planning is undoubtedly a complex issue. We understand that legal terms and aspects of the law require an explanation in layman’s terms so clients understand the law and how it affects how their money and assets will be distributed upon death. We craft wills, trusts and other estate planning legal documents in a manner that protects your interests as well as those of your beneficiaries. Our aim is to minimize your tax burden, ensure that no one can successfully contest your will or trust and remove all concern regarding what will happen to your estate when you are no longer capable of managing it.

It doesn’t matter if you are 30 years old with no kids or 90 years old with a dozen children and grandchildren. You need an estate plan regardless of your life position. Let us help you with your estate planning challenges and you’ll have a bulletproof will and advance directive that ensures your assets will be distributed as you desire. We will also ensure that you are cared for in your preferred manner during your final days through your documents detailing your wishes. Our attorneys can also craft a f designation of pre-need guardian. This is a legal document that permits an individual who has become incapacitated to select someone in advance to serve as a guardian. This document also empowers you to explicitly state which individual(s) you do not desire to act as a guardian on your behalf.

Posted by: mprictor on November 9, 2016