Federal Tax

Federal TaxIf you live in or near Miami-Dade County and have a federal tax issue, do not panic. The tax attorneys at The Law Office of Gina R. Chevallier have the federal tax expertise and legal experience you need to emerge from this conflict with your finances intact. Whether you face a corporate tax hurdle, an individual federal tax challenge or another matter with the IRS, we can help. We have experience overcoming federal tax issues ranging from corporate tax disputes to lien subordination and discharge, installment agreements, levy releases, appeals and offer in compromise. Though our practice encompasses other areas of law, we are staffed with business veterans who understand the nuances of tax issues, including tax litigation.

The type of individualized attention your tax matter receives at The Law Office of Gina R. Chevallier is a stark contrast to the generic treatment provided by larger firms’ tax departments. Larger law firms tend tohave clerks or first year associates working on your case.  We provide personalized guidance by attorneys. . This is the type of dedicated attention and support you need to preserve your financial well-being. Ally with our firm and you will not be intimidated by a brewing federal tax controversy.

An IRS examination and/or collection action is a serious matter yet our federal tax attorneys have the experience you need to avoid a massive fine, bankruptcy or an even worse fate.  We work closely with your accountant, or help you find a new one. Our attorneys also have experience representing those who are attempting to sell or refinance a property that is subjected to a federal tax lien and need the property to be discharged or subordinated in order to proceed with a sale or financing. If you face any of these federal tax challenges, do not hesitate to contact The Law Office of Gina R. Chevallier to schedule an initial consultation.

Posted by: mprictor on November 9, 2016